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"Everything I do rotates around photography and making great images."


The focus of my client work lays on the big picture. As a creative director, I help brands and organizations

to develop visual strategies, do project research and optimize workflow & management systems so the brand

can shine through. As a producer, I make sure that everything runs smoothly from the first pre-meeting to the

final product in the most efficient way. As a Photographer, I bring the project to life in pictures or moving images. The goal for every assignment is to create relevant content that is beautiful and absolutely fits the client's needs.  




LK Studio Final463V13.jpg

As an expert for visual content, I help my clients find the best photography and video solutions to tell their brand story. My capabilities include project research & visual guideline development, sourcing & custom image library building as well as workflow optimization and the support and implementation of asset management systems.

As Creative Producer for the worldwide catalog of Corbis, I concepted, directed and produced a broad variety of high-end visual assets for a large number of clients and usages. Here are a few samples of some of the work I have created with some of the best talents in the industry.



My classical training as a photographer and the passion for images has always been the foundation for all the work I have done over the last two decades in the creative arena. In this gallery, you find some samples of my current and past work.



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